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Integrated Software LLC offers professional data services for businesses in Plano, Texas. Our team of experienced professionals provides comprehensive solutions to help organizations manage their data effectively and efficiently.

Our local professional data services include:

1. Data Management: We offer a range of data management services that enable businesses to store, organize, and analyze large volumes of information. Our experts can assist with database design, implementation, maintenance, backup/recovery strategies as well as provide support for various DBMS platforms such as Oracle or SQL Server.

2. Business Intelligence (BI): Integrated Software LLC helps companies make informed decisions by providing BI tools that allow them to visualize trends and patterns within their datasets quickly. With our BI solutions like PowerBI or Tableau we empower business users with self-service analytics capabilities while ensuring the accuracy and consistency of underlying data sources.

3. Data Integration: We specialize in integrating disparate systems across an organization"s IT landscape into one cohesive environment using ETL/ELT techniques along with API-based integrations where applicable which ensures seamless flow between different applications without any manual intervention required from end-users

4.Data Governance & Compliance :We also ensure compliance requirements are met through proper governance policies around access control ,data privacy regulations etc .

5.Cloud Migration Services : As more companies move towards cloud adoption ,we have expertise on migrating your existing databases onto AWS/Azure/GCP clouds .

At Integrated Software LLC we understand how critical it is for businesses to maintain accurate records while keeping up-to-date on industry standards regarding security protocols when handling sensitive information; therefore all our processes follow strict guidelines set forth by regulatory bodies like HIPAA/SOX/FERPA etc., so you can rest assured knowing your company’s valuable assets are safe under our watchful eye!

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